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Can you believe it’s the end of another month? Four weeks can go so fast! October’s been about goals, dreams, and the power of compounding habits to achieve them.

Compound, claimed to be the eighth wonder of the world (it is for investing), but what is it? Put simply, compound is the long term effects of small steps. For example, going to the gym once every couple of days shows little result, but that habit compounded over years returns massive gains.

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In The Clouds

What are you dreaming about? What could you do forever? Something you enjoy and don’t mind if you don’t get paid for it?

Whatever it is, set a goal, not just any goal, but a lifelong dream. Setting goals can be weird, how can you know where you’re going to be in x years? How do you stay focused on long term goals as life changes?

For me, I write them down and keep them top of mind. I have a ‘dream’ section in my notion database, my digital brain (email me if you’d like a template copy). That’s where I store, track and ponder my dreams.

Here are two of my dreams:

  • Independent Content Writer. I love writing about cyber, work-life and web, then rewriting those topics into blog articles. I’ll write for emerging education startups and the biggest tech blogs in the world.
  • World-Class Educator. I love teaching, I’ll be among the top educators in the world. I’ll be recognised for my contributions toward technology and helping students learn.

Yeah, my dreams are ambitious, even ridiculous. Isn’t that the point of dreams? They’re supposed to be BIG, so go BIGGER otherwise you’re aiming small, don’t hold yourself back.

Catch-Up + Next Steps

A quick look back at the month and forward to next.

Months Memories

  • My wife’s starting her second freelancing business, social media management and content creation for other small businesses.
  • We house-sat for family in a cute country town, I wrote Beginner Security Analysis there.
  • We went to my wife’s hometown for a high school reunion, concert performance from both students and hired professionals. I became besties with the sound guy.
  • My wife’s family moved houses and they have a pool! It’s gonna be a good Aussie summer this year!
  • I’ve listened to great podcasts like How Built The Tim Ferriss Show, Lotería and Cloud Hopper.
  • I finished reading Show Your Work by Austin Kleon. This has been my favourite mindset, entrepreneur, self-help book to date, which I highly recommend.

Key Point Indicators (KPIs)

Next Month Goals

Kind regards,