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Your WordPress app won’t connect to your website? Let’s fix that!

Note, this is for Cloudways self-hosted websites.

Follow this guide if you need help setting up the app and connecting it to your website.

1. Check Jetpack Is Installed

Make sure you have the most up-to-date plugin Jetpack. It’s what connects your self-hosted site to the app.

If you’ve never set Jetpack up, follow this guide to help you.

2. Define Error

The reason it’s not working might be a couple of things, welcome to troubleshooting i.e. try stuff until you fix it.

Start with Fixing Jetpack Connection Issues, as it’s most likely either:

  1. Reinstall Jetpack;
  2. plugin conflict or;
  3. XML-RPC.

To get a better idea of what it could be, use Jetpacks Debug Tool to find out. Read more about the possible issues to get a better insight.

3. Resolve Issue

If it’s a plugin conflict, disable all plugins bar Jetpack and test connection.

If XML-RPC, you may get this message “Inaccessible XML-RPC Connection error”.

This is disabled by default on Cloudways systems, so it’s a simple enable fix.

XML-RPC allows “you to build remote connections between your WordPress site and external applications.”

Go to Cloudways > Application > Application Settings > Enable.

For more assistance, see Disable XML-RPC in WordPress Applications.

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