Your WordPress app won’t connect to your website? Let’s fix that!

Note, this is for Cloudways self-hosted websites.

Follow this guide if you need help setting up the app and connecting it to your website.

Check Jetpack Is Installed

Make sure you have the most up-to-date plugin Jetpack. It’s what connects your self-hosted site to the app.

If you’ve never set Jetpack up, follow this guide to help you.

Define Error

The reason it’s not working might be a couple of things, welcome to troubleshooting i.e. try stuff until you fix it.

Start with Fixing Jetpack Connection Issues, as it’s most likely either:

  1. Reinstall Jetpack;
  2. plugin conflict or;
  3. XML-RPC.

To get a better idea of what it could be, use Jetpacks Debug Tool to find out. Read more about the possible issues to get a better insight.

Resolve Issue

If it’s a plugin conflict, disable all plugins bar Jetpack and test connection.

If XML-RPC, you may get this message “Inaccessible XML-RPC Connection error”.

This is disabled by default on Cloudways systems, so it’s a simple enable fix.

XML-RPC allows “you to build remote connections between your WordPress site and external applications.”

Go to Cloudways > Application > Application Settings > Enable.

For more assistance, see Disable XML-RPC in WordPress Applications.