Website In A Week Course

Complete Guide, Start to Finish,
Your Own Website

Learn the basics of front-end web design and the process behind completing a successful website project. Get a complete custom website for your business or idea within a few days!

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" Don't worry about an up-front investment or a long-term subscription, there's none of that here. Just free learning resources designed with care by me, for you. What do you have to lose? "
Ashley Ball

"Web Design Is Hard" - Unclear Pathways

The barrier to learn web design and create websites is at an all-time low, anyone can download WordPress running local server software and start with front-end web design. The problem is the path to creating and executing a high-quality website, it’s a tricky one.

Learning web design (like other areas in technology) is not always straight forward because there are so many paths to get to the end destination. A way to think about this is like climbing a ladder, we expect learning to be one step/level at a time, however, it can be more like rock climbing where there are multiple paths to reach the top.

I’ve climbed a lot of different paths, tried various front-end builders and themes all in an effort to find my ladder. Now I can confidently lean my ladder on the rock wall and safely climb up to the destination, one step at a time.

"How Do I Start?" - Lack of Guidance

I’ve found becoming comfortable in the freelance space difficult, due to lack of guidance as it’s not always easy to find content or courses that suit certain learning styles and schedules. It’s tough to learn new tech skills when you’re on your own. Did you know that online courses have a drop off rate of less than 10%?

People want to learn but find it difficult to stick at it.

The web design process can throw lots of spanners in your work, odd issues and random problems. There are a lot of decisions to be made and can become overwhelming and confusing quite quickly.

Enter the 'Website In A Week' Course

It’s true, there’s no better way to learn than through experience, try and fail, rinse and repeat. Well here is your experience and hands-on learning! This is another climb in your web design journey or at the very least your ‘I have a website set up and can get back to what else I need to do’ journey.

As my students have told me, a helpful hand is always welcome when learning. That’s why I’m here, to help you out when you need it. This course is self-paced and designed to work in with your schedule, but it also is drip-fed to you so you can follow.

You’ll learn all you need to know to master the web design space and rule your ideas to make them live for the whole world to see.

" ... best teacher, makes sure you understand all content covered. "
Harry P.

Within A Single Week

You’ll be able to:

  1. Setup and configure your own web accounts
  2. Research the best search engines for ideas and inspirations
  3. Plan and prepare your design ideas via wire-framing
  4. Manage and track all project tasks with a complete framework
  5. Understand basic web design principles including imagery, colours, typography, layout and more
  6. Fluently use popular no-code development software
  7. Test and deploy a polished live website 
  8. Even get ideal promotion tips and tricks including social media posting, search engine optimisation and more
  9. Apply, all skills within course in real-time and to on-going projects

Who's it for?

This course is aimed at people (like me) who want to move an idea online and start their freelance journey. Yes, web design is for everyone, but those who are dedicated rise to the top.

'Serious' Beginners

You may have never touched any aspect of web design, never logged in to a website or even tried accessing the back-end. That’s okay, as long as you have a desire to learn, you can achieve everything and more in this course.

Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

Have an idea? Have twenty? It’s time to build your new start-up landing page to convert customer engagement into paying clients! Don’t underestimate a well-designed website made for conversion optimization, these are all the fundamental skills that support them.

Students, Young and Old

Looking for extra curriculum opportunities? This is it! Enjoy practical experiences while learning new skills all at your own computer in bite-sized chunks. Combine self-paced freedom with guided structure delivered directly to your inbox.

" The methods used to teach is not something many teachers possess... "
Tony G.

What's In The Course?

You’ll receive the following messages in order:

  1. Orientation – Confirmation of enrollment and will prepare you for course 
  2. Setup – Access and configure all web accounts needed for your active website
  3. Design – Research, planning and beginning step of the web design process
  4. Build – Implementing designs into no-code development software 
  5. Deploy – User testing sessions, feedback and deployment of the website
  6. Graduation – Means for celebration and measuring success progression 
  7. Feedback + Gift – Extra goodies for those who stuck around to the end

Low Time + No Cost

Don’t worry about an up-front investment or a long-term subscription, there’s none of that here. Just free learning resources designed with care by me, for you. What do you have to lose?

FREE Life-Time Access

Simply enter your details below to get started within the next few minutes!

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" Ashley has been an amazing teacher since day one, he is always there for you when you need support, he is open-minded and always a good laugh! "
Noah B.

My Story

Back in 2014 I studied web technologies which led me down the fantastic journey of freelancing. I began creating WordPress websites for a variety of clients and have had great highs and lesson-packed lows. I’ve learnt what good design is, how to implement it, and have developed a strategic website project process.

Learn from my freelancing journey while getting to create your own website along the way!

During my freelance career, I stumbled into a teaching position within a local college here in Australia, who knew all those hours building and researching computer parts would pay off into a job! My unique situation allows me to harvest my teaching toolkit while travelling on my freelancing journey.

I’d like to share the web design lessons I’ve learnt with you!

Hi, I'm Ash, a Teacher, Web Designer & Creator in Australia. ​I specialise in Front End, Responsive Web Design & Visual Development.
Ashley Ball
Teacher • Web Designer
" ... Ash is a great teacher is he is very understanding of students... if you need an extra hand with work, he's there. "
Zac S.


Got questions? Here are a few that have come up I’d like to address for you. If you’d like to add any or have other suggestions, the best way to do so is via this feedback form, make sure to select feedback for ‘website in a week course’, thanks!

Why is it free? Nothing's really free...

The entire course is free-of-charge forever, you will not transfer money to me! I love learning and I see this as a great way to improve my teaching ability in the online arena! You are required to purchase a domain and a web host account, see ‘What do I need for the course?​’ below.

C'mon, how do you make money?

To be completely transparent, the course contains affiliate links to organisations I’m affiliated with. I take affiliation seriously and only promote products I use on my current projects or have used in the past. An affiliate link is a unique link attached to my account when someone makes a purchase via my link, I receive a small commission from the third-party company. 

How do you us my data?

The only third-party system that stores your data is Gist, an all-in-one system for onboarding and marketing funnels. They’re a very secure company who I trust and highly recommend their product. Your data and personal information are not shared with any other persons or companies of any kind.

How does the course work?

It’s an inbox course, meaning you receive emails (in your inbox) from me that contain all needed information and module instructions. The system is set up to send course modules every day, so within the week, you’ll have the complete course!

What do I need for the course?

Willingness to learn and explore new things while possibly brushing up on some existing knowledge. You’ll need the following elements:

  1. Computer + Internet Connection
  2. Approx. 30-60mins per lesson
  3. Investment
    1. $8-12/y (USD) for Domain Hosting
    2. $11-16/m (USD) for Web Hosting
    3. Optional $49/m (USD) for Elementor Pro
" ... great interactive flow to get through material in a timely manner, extremely well planned, structured lessons and lectures. Very approachable when requiring assistance and his teaching approach is interactive, fun, knowledgeable and well structured to help get the work completed... "
Brodie T.
" Mr Ashley Ball is a great teacher "
Steph N.

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