Let’s go, TryHackMe Network Services Walkthrough Part 3, welcome! Step 1 learn, step 2 enumerate, and step 3 exploit… but what? Well, a variety of network services and misconfigurations of course, this time it’s FTP. Watch the Network Services Walkthrough for TryHackMe’s room, Part 3 FTP.

Task 8 Understanding FTP


  • What communications model does FTP use? client-server
  • What’s the standard FTP port? 21
  • How many modes of FTP connection are there? 2

Task 9 Enumerating FTP


  • How many ports are open on the target machine? 2
  • What port is ftp running on? 21
  • What variant of FTP is running on it? vsftpd
  • What is the name of the file in the anonymous FTP directory? PUBLIC_NOTICE.txt
  • What do we think a possible username could be? mike

Task 10 Exploiting FTP


  • What is the password for the user “mike”? password
  • What is ftp.txt? THM{y0u_**************}