Hello friend,

How has your week been? I’ve got a lot to share with you!

This week has been massive! Writing short-course, ordering my life todo list and becoming certified from Google! Read on to find out how.

1. Writing Well by Julian Shapiro

If you write well, you think well. Stop reading this and go to this guide. If you’re still here, why? Spend your next 3-4 hours reading, taking notes and having your mind blown.

You’ll appreciate writing on a new level while understanding what good writing is. Think about how much we write and read, text messages, emails, social media posts. You could use these mediums to craft an amazing skill.

The author, Julian, is incredible at breaking down topics. This is the first of his three guides. I’m excited to tackle Growth Marketing next!

2. Top of My ToDo List by Paul Graham

“Don’t ignore your dreams; don’t work too much; say what you think; cultivate friendships; be happy.” Paul Graham adapted this from Bronnie Ware, a nurse. She saw the biggest regrets people had in their lives.

If you woke up every day and thought about these five things, would your life be better? Would you be more intentional with your time? More thoughtful with your actions? Yes, you would. I know because I’ve been doing it for the past four months.

Life is short, Tim Urban’s The Tail End puts that into perspective. Order what’s most important to you at the top of your list, every day. Make it your mantra, like me.

3. Foundations by MailChimp

Co-Founders Dan and Ben started MailChimp with a need to serve small businesses. Their ethos was, and still is, “scale-out of the kitchen.”

They understand anyone starting a business needs good software and training. So they give it away for free! MailChimp and Co provide partner opportunities including their MailChimp Academy.

I felt the company culture from a Webinar held by Jocelyn. She helped me to complete a MailChimp course. I’m now certificated as a MailChimp partner!

Thanks For Reading

I’m grateful for saying “no.”

Do you say “no” a lot? This week I did. I said it to two massive opportunities in my life. Paul Jarvis rings in my ears, “opportunities are just obligations wearing appealing masks.”

It’s a profound experience. I had stirs of emotion forming. It’s nerve-racking, what would people say? How will they react? Rest assured, honesty creates honesty. More on that story soon!

I’ve taken on the Gap And Gain approach. Clarify long-term goals and match day-to-day decisions. Look at your goals, is your current path is getting you there? Do you need to say “no?”

A story from this week

In the Writing Well handbook, which you’ve finished by now, right? You’ll notice a succinct writing test. Rewrite a long, overwritten, crammed, descriptive, difficult-to-read, some-what-obnoxious paragraph into a clear one. I did and tweeted @Julian.

He’s now on my vision board as an inspirational figure. His reply is equal to a Beilber receiving a Justin Bieber text. Okay, not quite.

Here’s what I’ve been up to

Are you on LinkedIn? No? Without sounding blunt, do you want a future job? LinkedIn has changed the game in several ways, my article dissects five.

Big on sports? Here are some sports strategies that’ll help in business and on the court. And here’s a timely story of phone addiction.

I also completed a short course on Google My Business. I’m certified from Google!

Again, thank you!

I hope your upcoming week is a good one! Take some time off and enjoy time with family and friends. Remember, don’t work too much!