Opacity TryHackMe

TryHackMe’s Opacity is a ’easy’ Boot2Root room for pentesters and cybersec enthusiasts (like you!). Plus, for black friday, checkout the free giveaway bundles below.

08/12/2023 · 1 min · 24 words · Mr Ash

How To Fix TryHackMe VPN Not Working

Is your TryHackMe OpenVPN not working? Let’s fix it, here’s what you’ll need: Some computer networking knowledge. A TryHackMe account. An OpenVPN config file via Network Access. Alright, so your there’s a few problems when trying to connect with OpenVPN to TryHackMe. Let’s cover them and learn how to fix connection problems in TryHackMe, let’s go. How Do I Use OpenVPN On TryHackMe? First you need to have an active account with an OpenVPN config file generated and downloaded to your system....

22/10/2022 · 3 min · 520 words · Mr Ash

Crack The Hash TryHackMe Walkthrough

Let’s tackle Crack The Hash, another TryHackMe room full of hash-cracking challenges. If you’d like a video walkthrough, then see the linked video below for a full guide to Crack The Hash. Quickly, what is a hash and hashing in general? “Hashing serves the purpose of ensuring integrity, i.e. making it so that if something is changed you can know that it’s changed. Technically, hashing takes arbitrary input and produce a fixed-length string…” — Daniel Miessler, Hashing vs....

17/10/2022 · 5 min · 953 words · Mr Ash

Agent Sudo TryHackMe Walkthrough

Welcome back to another TryHackMe room, the challenge today is Agent Sudo. No spoilers below within the hints, just some good ol’ fashion hints to help you out on your agent sudo journey. For more detail, with some spoilers, see the steps section, and for everything I did, see my notes. If you prefer a video walkthrough, well that’s linked below, and if you want my personal thoughts on the room, check out the reflection via the video....

09/07/2022 · 5 min · 1019 words · Mr Ash

OhSINT Writeup TryHackMe

Let’s go for another TryHackMe room, this time we’re tackling OhSINT, which begs the question “are you able to use open-source intelligence to solve this challenge?” This was a fun, different room for me, I love the idea of OSINT and using the web to solve challenges. Despite having a few initial issues along the way, it was fun to answer “what information can you possible get with just one photo?...

05/07/2022 · 4 min · 661 words · Mr Ash