Hello friend,

How’s your week been?

Professionally, it’s a good one for me. I’ve been back into work by setting up students for their course.

Personally, I’ve been slightly neglecting my morning routine and slipping on positive habits. I think getting back into work is draining me more than I was expecting. I need to find a new balance being back in work mode.

As always, aligning myself with my 2020 yearly review I’m writing to you. Here are my top prices of content I’m consuming or contributing.

1. Relax More, Work Less + Procrastination

I, like a lot of people have an obsession with productivity. My productivity output directly relates to my mental health, Life Kit tackles this big subject. I learnt I need a balance between being productive and relaxing. I currently have an unhealthy relationship with work and need to address it.

2. Writing, Specializing & Hard Work

It’s been a difficult week staying focused on my dream of being a content creator, getting back into work takes a lot of time and energy. I went on a break from thinking down the YouTube spiral.

How Writing Online Made me a Millionaire was a great reminder of why I’m writing. I’ve learnt that nurturing reading and writing is important to us as humans. Austin Kleon describes writing as not only a good way to understand what you’re saying, but what you’re thinking.

In Should You Specialize or Be a Generalist? It’s clear that these skills add to your professional tool belt. Tim Ferris recommends speaking, writing and negotiating as ‘add on’ skills to your core.

Behind the scenes is always fun, so How I got my film on Netflix is a great look into the creative process us as builders go through… but on a WHOLE other level.

3. Children In Business

My latest podcast episode is live. A great teacher once said to be like children. How well does that apply to life through business? Here’s a deep dive into growing brain activity, personal experience and observations.

I’ve discovered six lessons children teach us about business:

  • Look Ahead with Wonder.
  • Absorb Like Sponges.
  • Follow the Fun.
  • Ask ‘Why’ a Lot.
  • Have No Sense of Failure.
  • Make Friends Everywhere.