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Hope you’re safe and well during the last 28(ish) days since I wrote to you. It’s so sad to see countries on the brink of war in the modern era, hoping peace comes soon for everything going on.

On a lighter note, let’s discuss ‘putting yourself out there’ - no this isn’t dating advice, but more life/work observations. I’ve found benefits from writing on the internet, sharing lessons and helping others, but it takes effort. Is putting yourself out there worth it?

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Put Yourself Out

Let’s quickly define this, it means to be in front of others in a non-typical environment that is difficult for you. Public speaking, posting videos on YouTube, publishing a blog etc. - pick your poison.

Okay, but why? What’s the point in going into new things, uncomfortable situations or putting in more effort than is required? The answer - unexpected delight.

This is known to some as increasing your Luck Surface Area, a fascinating, simple concept of doing more stuff and telling more people. It’s something Tim Ferris has touched on before regarding leadership.

How to do it? How do you put yourself out there?

  1. Start now: stop saying you’ll start doing the thing you want to do and just start.
  2. Learn as you go: aim for progression, not perfection, i.e. DO WHAT YOU CAN’T.
  3. Accept failure: mistakes are a part of learning, don’t avoid it.
  4. Enjoy the ride: fall in love with the process, not the end result.

I personally have a website and a YouTube channel where I ‘put myself out’ - I can vouch for the process.

Catch-Up & Next Steps

A quick look back at the month and forward to next.

Month’s Memories

  • There has been server flooding in Queensland, Australia recently. We are lucky that we’re safe and no damage to our house happened unless, we count our dog freaking out:

Content I’ve Consumed

Key Point Indicators (KPIs)

Next Month

  • More TryHackMe walkthroughs videos and writeup blogs.

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