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Let’s learn Docker and set it up. What’s Docker? Complicated haha! It’s a way to install, maintain and run applications. But apps are self-contained, hence containers. Docker allows networking and lots more. How to setup Docker Best way is to follow the docs. Troubleshooting Docker You might see an error such as WARNING: Error loading config file: /root/.docker/config.json: read /root/.docker/config.json: is a directory For that, do the following from here:...

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How to use winget for Windows 11. What is winget? It’s a package manager for Windows, like choco or apt for debian based linux distros. If that means nothing to you, then it installs and updates apps. Cool? Cool. How to use winget Let’s install syncthing for this example. winget search sync displays a list of matches sync. Name Id Version Match Source -------------------------------------------------------------------- syncthing Syncthing.Syncthing 1.27.0 winget SyncTrayzor SyncTrayzor.SyncTrayzor 1....

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Let’s setup Pi-Hole in Docker, following the official documentation. getconf LONG_BIT check for 32bit or 64bit. cat /etc/os-release check the version of the OS. After following the installation guide, you might receive these errors: E: Package 'docker-ce' has no installation candidate E: Unable to locate package docker-ce-cli E: Unable to locate package E: Couldn't find any package by glob '' E: Couldn't find any package by regex '' E: Unable to locate package docker-buildx-plugin E: Unable to locate package docker-compose-**plugin** Switch over to this guide to manually install docker with the deb files....

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Hack Box

Let’s setup a new “Hack Box” for TryHackMe challenges and Capture The Flags (CTFs). Previously, I’ve always used Kali Rolling inside of VirtualBox. But let’s try and get away from Virtual Machines (VMs). Why? Mainly the boot times, slow browsing and general laggy annoyances. I want a fast, simple system without the need to boot a VM and deal with stutters. The thinking is, use Windows Subset for Linux (WSL) with headless Kali Linux....

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Hugo is great, but noticing some odd bits and bops. Alias(es) Here’s what I use for my urls: url: hugo alias: # aliases for multiple - post/hugo - But in order for aliases to work, I have to change aslias to asliases, save. Then change it back to aslias. Strange. Markdown All in One Hands down the best extension to use within VSCode is Markdown All in One. Paste links over text for automatic linking Continues ordered and unordered lists when typing

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