Are you needing to copy/paste a lot of content from online to Microsoft Word? Yep!

It seems small, but Word has the most annoying lack of a shortcut, no CTRL + SHIFT + V – paste text only. Word has the ability to paste text only via right-click, select option.

So, let’s quickly add a new shortcut to paste text only in Word.

First, go to File > Options > Customize Ribbon > Keyboard shortcuts: Customize…

  1. Under Categories, select an option and begin to type ‘All Commands’.
  2. Under Commands, select an option and begin to type ‘PasteTextOnly’.
  3. Select the input field below ‘Press new shortcut key:’ and press Ctrl+Shift+V.
  4. Select Assign.

See the image below for assistance.

And now go and try it out!

Thank you to this post.