Just a few notes/things to remember while using git. Typical git process: git pull $link git add . git commit -m 'v0.1' git push $link Switch branches from master to main git branch -m master main If errors: git pull --rebase

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Chill Hack

Chill Hack CTF from TryHackMe, enjoy.

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Opacity TryHackMe

TryHackMe’s Opacity is a ’easy’ Boot2Root room for pentesters and cybersec enthusiasts (like you!). Plus, for black friday, checkout the free giveaway bundles below.

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“I’m curious,” has become my favourite phrase to use in conversation. Curiosity is pretty awesome. It draws us to people, places and interesting things. It can influence important decisions and spark lifelong pathways. Let’s dive into curiosity more. Hi, I’m Ash, a 27 y/o cybersec enthusiast journaling my journey on productivity & hacking. You’ve received a copy of the Monthly Monitor as you subscribed via the site or accessed a product....

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2022 Annual Review

Welcome to my 4th Annual Review, can you believe 2022 is over? It’s been a long 12 months, yet it’s gone so fast. Here’s my 2022 recap plus my plans for 2023. Note, if interested see 2019, 2020 and 2021. ~ Hi, my name’s Ash, I’m 27 and a cyber security enthusiast sharing my journey. You’ve received this newsletter as you subscribed via my website or downloaded a freebie. ~...

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