Hey friend,

September’s come and gone! This month’s felt long as term 3 wrapped up, lots has happened and now it’s the last term for 2021. Let’s look over some highlights for the month.

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Why I Do… What I Do

If you didn’t know, I’m an I.T. Teacher at a local institute in Australia.

I love my job! The lifestyle, the team, the students, it’s all good, mostly.

This term I helped a student get hired at a local software dev company. I’m so proud of them!

The business that hired my student reached out to me, I explained the details to the class and shared my thoughts for applying. I essentially summarised this article on students finding work.

Also, another one of my classes finished after 2 years. It’s the longest time I’ve had with students, there’s a certain bond you form as a teacher. It was sad to see them go and I wish them the very best in their future.

Since the term finished, we had a small break as it overlapped with our second wedding anniversary. We escaped to a small coastal town for a nice getaway. Holidaying 30 minutes away from home is our new favourite thing.

‘What a Pearl’

Since June, I started passive investing via Vanguard, now I’m switching brokers to Pearler, see Vanguard vs Pearler. Nothing’s changed in my strategy.

I noticed Pearler from FIRE content creators. Pearler aligns with my investing style, save and store money in low-risk containers like ETFs.

Speaking of shiny pearls, I’ve been distracted by an opportunity in the form of website investing. Basically, buy, renovate and sell websites for profit. It’s a digital version of property investing. Have you ever heard of or done this? Would love to hear from you.

If you’d like to start investing, see my guide and consider signing up to Pearler. We’ll both get a free trade worth $9.50AUD, so that’s cool.

Keep’n It Co

Let’s talk consistency. I have a long list of things I struggle with and consistency is up there.

Since April, I’ve learnt a lot through my #100DaysOfHacking journey. However, I’ve put Cyber Sec on hold to focus on work and to have a break. I’ll be back on the hacking saddle soon.

In an effort to be consistent with content creation and blogging, here are my website’s monthly stats via Google Data Studio. I’ve noticed since making a few changes to the backend Google Analytics is not recording user data, not sure what’s going on there.

It’s great to see mrash.co slowly grow with every new blog post. Speaking of which, for this month I’ve posted two new articles, 1) Guide To SEO, and 2) Optimising WordPress, and 3) Vanguard Vs Pearler.

Next month I’ll be going over my dreams, yep, my long term goals. This is all an effort to keep consistent.

Thanks for reading,