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2022: What I'm Up To Now



  • 52 weekly newsletters.
  • 20+ blog posts.
  • 🆕 20+ podcast episodes.
  • A backlog of content ideas.
  • Grow to 100+ newsletter subscribers.
  • LinkedIn post engagement to 10+ per post.

🖥 Stuff: Things I Use Daily

My wife and I are minimalists. We’re intentional with our belongings and actively balance what we need with what we have, i.e. we love throwing crap out. Here’s my main gear and gadgets that assist me day-to-day for writing, podcasting and whatever else I do.


💻 Razer Blade 2018. Great build quality and specs for light gaming mixed with portability, video review.
⌨ Coolermaster SK621. Small form factor with both wireless and wired connectivity.
🖱 Corsair Harpoon Wireless. Good productivity/gaming use case with both wireless USB receiver, wired and Bluetooth, video review.
🆕 🎧 Philips In-Ear Headphones. Perfect travel audio with great sound.
🖥 Samsung Tab S6 Lite. Great 10.4″ screen with included S-pen.
🆕 📱 Google Pixel 3a. Great camera and modest specs.


📝 Notion to capture thoughts, write content and organise my brain.
🖌 Infinite Painter for drawing on Tab s6 Lite.
🎨 Affinity Designer & Photo for photo manipulation and illustration.


☁ Cloudways for managed WordPress hosting.
🔗 NameCheap for domain name hosting.
⛅ Cloudflare for content delivery and DNS management.
🖌 Elementor for best no-code web design.
🖌 Essential Addons and Elements Kit for extra Elementor goodies.
🖥 ManageWP to organise multiple WordPress websites.
🏈 Plutio for project management and client portal.
🧑 Gist for lead management, sales and onboarding.
❤ More for all tools I use.

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🧔 About: Mr Ashley Ball

Hi, I’m Ash. I’m a teacher, web designer and content creator from Australia. I focus on making things simple. Want to stay connected, learn about design and entrepreneurial? Subscribe to the weekly newsletter.

🎓 Hats I Wear

  • Tech Educator
  • Freelance Web Designer
  • Content Creator
  • Husband


❤ Some Loves

  • Slow-burn movies e.g. 🥁 Whiplash, 💎 Uncut Gems and 🤡 Joker. Letterboxd.
  • Fine wining/dining like Candian Club and Malibu.
  • Travelling to New York, Singapore, Living Room.


⌛ Timeline

  • 2012-14 •  💡 Studied
  • 2016-20 • 💼 Businesses
  • 2018-Present • 🎓 Teacher

🙏 Thanks For Reading

☕ I’ll Buy You A Coffee

If you’re ever on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, send me an email and we’ll meet up.


❤ People Who Inspire Me

There’s a lot of people who I need to thank, here are some.


✅ /Now Page

This is a now page, if you have your own site, you should make one.


  • Designed and built first now page version 1.
  • Added toggle update area.
  • Strikethrough goals and updated newsletter.
  • Read A Letter To Procrastination for more information.
  • Removed top CTA’s

Updated all sections.

Monthly Newsletter

Learn about cyber security, hacking guides & python programming.

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