Hi, I’m Ash. I’m an IT teacher, learning cybersec, python and hacking.

Goals For


  • Making weekly YouTube videos.
  • Publishing monthly newsletters.
  • Publishing regular blog posts.


  • 2-5k YouTube subscribers,
  • 400-500 newsletter friends, and
  • 1-2k monthly views/visitors.

Annual Reviews

Some Loves

  • Slow-burn movies e.g. Whiplash, Uncut Gems and Joker.
  • Fine wining/dining like Candian Club and Malibu.
  • Travelling to New York, Singapore, and the Living Room.


  • 2012-14: Studied
  • 2016-20: Businesses
  • 2018-21: Classroom Teacher
  • 2022-Present: Online Teacher

Thanks For Reading

☕ I’ll Buy You A Coffee

If you’re ever in Australia, send me an email and we’ll meet up.

❤ People Who Inspire Me

There’s a lot of people who I need to thank, here are some.

  • Ali Abdaal for being a regular content machine.
  • Derek Sivers for the Now Page concept.
  • Julian Shapiro for his Writing Well handbook.
  • Victoria Drake for her personal website.
  • Marco Cornacchia for an incredible design layout.

✅ /Now Page

This is a now page, if you have your own site, you should make one.