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Today, we are going to be mastering Google’s slide monster and stick around. This is to be OK.

Sir, I. I’m in my Google Slide. I have got this template set up and I want to go into the slide. Mosfilm. This is the the way that we can edit the whole presentation layouts, everything in our slide presentation without going into every single slide that we’ve already done so we can make big changes over our whole presentation. And this is a massive time saver. If your presentation is 10, 30, 50 slides long and you can just go in edit the mosta and the changes will apply to the whole slide.

The first thing to get into it, you’ve just got to go over to the slide tab. Go to edit mosta and that’s it. You’re in. You can tell when you’re in the slide mosta ed by this gray background border area. Okay, so that’s your that’s the design way of saying, hey, you’re in the mosta Ed.. Once you’re done you can just hit that X there to go back to the normal edits. So a layout, if it is an obvious, is just each slide the layout of the boxes and everything that you want on one particular slide.

I this mosta slide here. Well this will govern the rest of the presentation.

I’m going to show you a quick example now. I’ve put this little lager down the bottom here. You can see that one. Go ahead and just get that out. And I put it in here to the mast up. If I put it there, you’ll notice that it’s now that one has got one hiding over it. You’ll notice that it is in all of the slides now, sir. Again, that’s the power of this mosta slide. You can come in here, you can make edits.

Sorry. Say I want I want my colour backgrounds up here different. I want the fun Sivi Gray and I want all of this fun to be a different fun time. I made it look trash, but just to show you how that at its end you can see here all of the other slides out text color has changed.

Our font type has changed because we edited the mosta and now we’ll go ahead and effect all the others.

That’s awesome to effect their whole mosta, but if we just want to make edits to individual layouts where we come in here and then we can just edit and change the fonts and you can add background images, you can add in whatever you want and that will change the layout of everything.

So it’s really that easy. The last thing I wanna leave you with. Very important that you are in the slide mosta section to edit all the slides and then you come in back to the normal edit to add new slides and make content changes. So content GA’s here. Your design and your layouts. Gorry he’ll then you will speed up all of your presentations. You’ll be able to make templates way faster. It will be in your best interest.

Possum’s I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Please go ahead over to the blog. I’ll put some more info there. Please leave a light on the video and think about subscribing. So thank you very much, guys. I really appreciate you tuning in and I’ll see in the next one. All right. See you guys.

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