Hello friend,

How has your week been? Reply amd tell me.

My week feels long. Not sure why. It’s been full of family gatherings and time spent with those closest. I hope it’s been the same for you. This issue is focused on looking inward. I’ve found the more we discover ourselves, the better we can contribute to others.

1. Sit Down and Think

We get bombarded with notifications. Social media and our devices stop us from being intentional. Our attention is a valuable resource we often waste.

“Modern humans spend virtually no time on inward-directed thought.” Stop wasting your attention. Start looking inward at what’s most important. Let’s be more intentional with our actions.

“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone” from Oliver Burkeman.

2. Friendship Framework

How many friends do you have? How close are your friends? Are all your friends at the same level? What makes someone a friend?

What if we had a clear framework to think about this? A levelling system we could use for all friends.

  • Level D: Friendly, those we know and like
  • Level C: Friends, ones we care about and enjoy their time
  • Level B: Supportive Friends from our tribe/circle/network
  • Level A: Emotional Friends, we’re safe to be our “lesser self”

Derek Sivers used a throwaway term “level C, not level A friend” during an interview. Which sparked the idea I’m affectionately naming the Friendship Framework.

3. The Hyper Freelancer

The path to entrepreneur success is an ever-changing one. What works for me will be different for you, that’s the nature of success.

The Hyper Freelancer does a good job packaging one pathway.

  • Freelance: Services/Consulting
  • Educate: Online Courses
  • Products: Digital Tools

“… freelancers can thrive professionally by diversifying how they offer their unique expertise… three activities: consulting, education and building products.” – Ben Issenmann

Thank You For Reading

This week I’ve been grateful for growth

I’ve had the wrong view of growth, I’d get embarrassed when doing something wrong. That turned into negativity which stopped me from growing. What a waste of time!

When I started to write, I realised my thinking was all wrong. Failing is an opportunity to learn. I’ve been daily journaling on and off since May of this year, 2020. That’s only a few months of writing. I feel I’ve learnt so much in that short time.

What I’ve been up to

I wrote 6 Reasons You Need A Weekly Newsletter. The benefits of writing a weekly newsletter. I also had small recognition from an inspirational figure Guy Raz!