Understanding Things #3

Hey friends,

This letter is about kindness & understanding. July is a month to highlight kindness and one way we can do that is to show empathy toward others.

Understand what people are going through and be sensitive enough to show kindness.

I hope you’re doing well and are staying safe out there in our contactless world. Please reply to this email if you have any questions.

A Newcomer Alright

Collin is the first person I discovered who inspired me to create my Notion database to track amazing people.

Thank you Collin.

Collins an awesome freelance copywriter who specialises is WordPress web technology. You can find him reviewing web hosting, plugins and other such topics around the web.

I was searching how to improve WordPress speed and came across his honest review of Cloudways, who I host websites with.

His blog is impressive with $1 million in affiliate sales which shows as the quality of his copywriting is superb. If you need copywriting, I encourage you to visit his website and get in contact.

He’s an avid traveler focusing on writing articles like restaurant reviews and places to visit while adventuring in Vietnam. He manages this while freelancing offering his copywriting services. Check out his personal blog Nonstop Newcomer.

My Misunderstandings Of Business

Here are some healthy reflections on my past five years of being in the small business space:

  1. Money, money, money Thinking business is ALL about money is not fair. It’s far more meaningful than increasing bottom lines. I missed the two fundamentals of business here. Solving problems and serving an audience better.
  2. No one else is scared Everyone’s scared at some point. Just because people are successful, intelligent and educated does not mean they’re not emotional human beings.
  3. There’s a finish line, and it’s amazingly wonderful!!! Business is like life, it keeps adapting and changing, so learn to adapt with it. I’m treating things more like a marathon than a sprint these days, working on my stamina training.

This letter began as an article, but I quickly realised it’s not for my target audience. Rather this is something I’d like to share with my friends here.

Writing, Opening Up & Other Things

This week I’ve been grateful for writing. I’ve had feelings of anxiety and emposter syndrome hit at random times. Writing has been a coping mechanism to understanding emotions and control thoughts.

Thank you writing.

I’ve learnt this week that being honest and valuing people is a great strength. We can get hurt by others which stops us from trusting and continuing to open up to friends or those we work with.

Mastering the skill of balance, that’s the goal. Balancing who we trust with what we open up about is a tricky thing. Opening up to everyone about everything is a sure disaster and then closing ourselves off is a decent into depression.

I’m very thankful for Luke Hawley, a friend and colleague who I work closely with. Thanks Luke.

I’m currently reading Company of One by Paul Jarvis who was last week’s person of interest in the letters. Absolutely loving his work and has become a bit of hero of mine. His values both personally and professionally are very admirable.

As far as content is concerned, last week I published a guide on hiring a freelance web designer. I’m noticing my articles are definitely improving and I believe this is the best one I’ve wrote thus far.

I’ve been working on some freelance projects, finished up focusmediafilm.com & am starting fortheloveeeofflowers.com soon!

I hope everyone has had a nice week, remember to be kind to others and focus on the ones we love.

Have a good weekend friends 👋

— Ash

Mr Ash
Mr Ash
“Learn, create, share, repeat.” • IT teacher, former web designer, learning CyberSec • Road to #100DaysOfHacking on Hackers Learning Path.

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