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Hi friend,

It’s nice writing to you again, I hope you had a nice break over the holidays. As more people (like Aussies) are working from home more than ever before, myself included, let’s discuss having a healthy home work-life.

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Healthy Home Work-Life

If you’re working part-time at home, it’s a great balance between the office and waking up just before clock-in time. I spent 2021 part-time working from home, and now in 2022, I’m home full-time. Here are seven tips I’ve discovered from having the office across the hallway.

  1. Keep the same work routine.
  2. Have clear, mental work/home barriers.
  3. Don’t lose contact with work colleagues.
  4. If needed, take smaller, regular breaks.
  5. Keep motivated, keep moving,
  6. Stay hydrated, keep a water bottle close.
  7. Let house-mates know your work hours.

What about you? How are you finding a healthy Home Work-Life balance? Reply, I’d love to hear from you.

Catch-Up & Next Steps

Months Memories:

  • Our dog nearly died from a clogged-up stomach, after a $200 vet trip and a diet change, he’s fine.
  • Started a 90 Day fitness challenge, no it’s not a new years resolution.
  • Published two blog posts, 2021 Review • 2022 Plan and How To Build A PC 2022.
  • Upgraded from my Razer Blade 2018 Laptop to a custom build, the PC master race at its finest.
  • Back into gaming, I’ve been playing a lot of Battle Royal’s and tactical shooters with my friends again.

Consumed Content:

Key Point Indicators (KPIs):

Next Month:

  • Publish articles about new PC and setup.
  • Start a new cyber/programming course.

Thanks for reading the Healthy Home Work-Life newsletter for Jan 2022, I hope you enjoyed it. Personally, I love working from home and I’m striving to keep up the good work-life balance. Sure, it’s only been a month, but with a bit more discipline, I’m much happier compared to working at an office. Until next time, thanks again.

Kind regards,


Mr Ash
Mr Ash
“Learn, create, share, repeat.” • IT teacher, former web designer, learning CyberSec • Road to #100DaysOfHacking on Hackers Learning Path.

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