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Hello friend,

How’s your week been?

Mines been mixed, it’s been good back at work but draining. We had 2-3 days of virtual meetings/events. After an hour or so, there’s only so much new info my brain can absorb.

It’s been great seeing the team but a bit uncharted as I’m taking on my new teaching position. Still unclear how it’s all going to play out of the next 2-3 weeks.

Thanks for tuning in and reading along, here’s what I’ve been consuming and contributing this week!

1. An Epic 2021 w/ Khe Hy

I first found Khe Hy on a Deep Dive from Ali Abdaal, it took me weeks to come back and finish that video off! I’m a fan of Khe’s method of giving 99% away for free and just a select 1% will pay. It’s a very ‘Company of One’ approach to business.

His latest value give away is the 10k institute’s Roadmap for an Epic 2021.

A 5 day LIVE course that’s just wrapped up. Unfrountally I couldn’t attend the sessions live due to location timing, they’re on at 2 am AEST here.

Here’s a few takeaways from Day 0 and 1 as I’m still catching up on the lessons.

  • Meaningful outcome by balancing the following: 1) Self-awareness 2) Tools: Cutting edge software/hardware & 3) Behavior change: Make it effortless.
  • Unifying life framework: 1) Tasks, habits & notes 2) Projects, domains 3) Goals 4) Intentions.


Check out the Roadmap for an Epic 2021 course.

2. YouTube Crash Course w/ Ali Abdaal

Speaking of Ali Abdaal, he’s also giving away a free short course. Not as involved as Khe’s but a great starting point for an aspiring YouTuber (like me).

Here are the first three days of the course (I’m still waiting for the last two):

  1. Reasons why YouTube works.
  2. Myths about YouTube.
  3. Productivity tips for YouTubers.


“There are no unique messages. Only unique messengers. – Ali Abdaal

3. Children & Business

I published my latest blog post 6 Lessons Children Teach Us About Business. Here’s a snippet:

A great teacher once said to be like children. How well does that apply to life through business? Here’s a deep dive into growing brain activity, personal experience and observations.

I’ve discovered five lessons children teach us about business. This article will cover:

  1. Look Ahead with Wonder.
  2. Absorb Like Sponges.
  3. Follow the Fun.
  4. Ask ‘Why’ a Lot.
  5. Have No Sense of Failure.
  6. Make Friends Everywhere.

BOUNS: There’s an eBook version of the post.

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  • Input-Output: Weekly roundup of high-productive content.
  • Consume & Contribute: Weekly newsletter for productivity nuts.

Until next time, thanks for reading,


Mr Ash
Mr Ash
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