Biz Plan • Nov 22

[Note] This month’s newsletter is self indulgement as it discusses my goals and plans.

It’s taken me 6 years to start uploading regular videos to YouTube, so it’s time for a plan. Here’s my brand/business plan, and shoutout to my wife for helping me, these things are hard.

Hi, my name’s Ash, I’m 27 and a cyber security enthusiast sharing my journey. You’ve received this newsletter as you subscribed via my website or downloaded a freebie.

The Business Plan

What makes me unique/stand out/different?

  • Relatability/empathy toward others learning cyber security.
  • Energized by learning making content more enjoyable/engaging.
  • A “unqiue” Australian accent and “easy listening” voice.

Why am I an authority? What value can I provide?

  • 4yrs exp. teaching basic tech.
  • Design bg means improved channel art, video graphics and thumbnails.
  • Strong interest in videography to improve video/audio quality.

What platform am I going to focus on?

  • YouTube, 1-3 long-form vids per week, plus experimenting with Shorts and Posts.
  • Monthly BTS Newsletter and possible video.

What is my actual product/service?

  • Entertaining/educational cyber scurity content generating revenue via Adsense, partnership deals and affiliate links.
  • Digital cyber security products aimed to help students study via a ‘pay what you want’ model.

Who is my customer? Where are they spending time?

  • Male, mid-20s, learning cyber security on platforms like TryHacMe.
  • On YouTube.

Inspired by Devin Nash.

Let’s Catch-Up…

Memories For The Month

  • Started working out with a remote personal trainer, and crushing it.
  • Family parties we’re all the rav this month, was great dancing and catching up.
  • Officially finished work for the year, woohoo!
  • Published 10 videos on the channel this month, here’s a full playlist.

Content I’ve Consumed – Frozen PC Parts, Securing Linux Servers, and Creepy OSINT.

Showing The Stats

Next Month: Hit 1k subs on YT.

Keep to your course.

Mr Ash
Mr Ash
“Learn, create, share, repeat.” • IT teacher, former web designer, learning CyberSec • Road to #100DaysOfHacking on Hackers Learning Path.

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Learn about cyber security, hacking guides & python programming.

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