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Away From Keyboard (AFK), coined by PC gamers to quickly chat “I’m getting food, don’t kill me in game” or something similar. I still use AFK today in work meetings. Currently, I’m very AFK as my wife and I are on holidays for nearly two weeks. We’re in a small coastal town called Port Douglas in North Queensland, Australia.

Every time I get out of my routine I always feel lighter and more refreshed. Taking a break doesn’t have to start with a plane or long drive. Maybe just a short trip outside your normal routine is all you need to unwind and refocus. If you can get out of your routine, away from your normal surroundings and try somewhere or something new. You may just feel great being AFK and come back to your work-life refreshed.


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Thanks for reading this shorter newsletter, August has been an unusual month for me and getting away is helping a lot.

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Mr Ash
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