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I hope your November has been well, question, do you write a lot? Generally, most people write or type daily as it’s fundamental to their job or life. It’s also the basis of how computer programs are made so it’s sort of what the entire tech world is built on. Writing is how we share information, how we teach and provide knowledge. Let’s see how writing independently can improve our lives.

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Writing, Independently

Look, I’m a bit biased, I love writing! This newsletter and the blog posts make up most of my website, it’s fair to say writing is a hobby of mine. I’ve found having my own website to write and share my thoughts helps me a lot.

I believe everyone should learn to write well, I think it’s vital to our mental health and for humanity as a whole, big claims I know. If you want to start writing in the form of a blog, which I highly recommend, I put a post together called the Guide to SEO which may help you!

If interested, the best place to learn to write comes from Julian Shapiro’s Writing Well Guide. Julian will take you through ideas, drafting rewriting and much more! It’s an amazing free resource to get your creative juices flowing!

Catch-Up + Next Steps

A quick look back at the month and forward to next.

Months Memories

  • I announced that I’m officially changing jobs come Jan 2022.
  • We left our Studio Apartment (aka our first home), my wife and have moved!
  • My wife landed her first client as a social media marketing freelancer.
  • We used a Tax Agent for the first time, our best financial decision of the year.
  • I nearly traded my first crypto altcoin but then chickened out… I’m back to research now.
  • I wrote two blog posts, 1) Homelabs • Beginner’s Guide To Homelabbing, and 2) Python Range Function • Quick Python Project Lesson.

Content I’ve Consumed

Key Point Indicators (KPIs)

Next Month Goals

  • Write/share 2021 Review and 2022 Plan.
  • Go on holiday and relax!

Kind regards,