Let’s look back at the last 31 days, discuss the best way to learn cyber security and I’ll share a new project I’m working on. Disclaimer, you’ve received this newsletter as you subscribed to Mr Ash .co.

the BEST way to learn CyberSec?!

If you want into CyberSec then get into Capture The Flags (CTFs), simple. CTFs are gamified learning, I mean, why do people spend so many hours playing video games? Gaming is a lot of fun even when it’s challenging, hence gamified learning.

I participated in two live CTFs in October from HackTheBox and TryHackMe respectively. Both were free, online, beginner-friendly and could be played solo. Plus, I learnt a ton of new things like command injection, packet analysis and blue team forensics.

These (and other) CTFs inspired my new project drum roll 100daysofctfs.com, a site dedicated to organising CTFs for fellow beginners. For additional resources, see CTF Time for live CTF events and Roppers CTF Bootcamp for the best CTF course imo.

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Next Month: publish more videos on YouTube and actually finish articles on my site.

It’s been a long month of working, learning and creating content. I don’t think I’ve ever been so optimistic for the end of the year. Keep to your course.