Hi friend,

We made it through April, I hope you’ve had a good month and you’re doing well. Warning, this letter is self-indulgent so if that’s not your thing, I understand, you can read the blog posts under Months Memories below.

Let’s chat, I was really lazy this month, honestly, I had a tough week or two throughout April, my brain spiralled leaving me pretty lost. So I thought it’d be beneficial to explore the habit of laziness and how it impacts me and probably you too.

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Feeling Lazy and Getting Lost

Let me preface that I (like a lot of people) have an ongoing relationship/battle with laziness. Ever since I can remember I’ve almost always chosen the easier option over the more difficult one. If it was work, spending time with friends or whatever, “easy is best”…. but is it?

Simply put no it’s not always best for us. It’s like only eating chocolate, that’s not going to bode well for our health. So what happens if we continue taking the easy option in life?

Well, that’s where I found myself because when I picked the easy option I was ignoring or procrastinating the more important things. Basically, I let laziness take the wheel and steer my brain leading me to feel lost and mentally down.

Without diving too deep, this isn’t my therapy session, otherwise, I owe you a lot of money. I spent the better part of an entire week or two feeling lazy, unmotivated and lost. I did the bare minimum work tasks and what was required of me, that’s it.

By the end of that week or so in April, I was fine, something in my brain wasn’t okay and I needed some time to rest. We all have bad days, sometimes weeks, months, or years, I think it’s inevitable to feel lost and be lazy so I think it’s important to:

  1. Accept you’re going to feel sad/down sometime.
  2. Don’t beat yourself up for being down, own up and move on.
  3. Talk to friends/family/anyone about how you’re feeling.
  4. Write your thoughts and see what’s going on in your brain.
  5. Take a bit of time out to rest up and chill out.
  6. Acknowledge you’re not invincible and a deeply flawed human.
  7. Be okay with not being okay, it’s okay.

If you need to talk, just reply to this email, no judgment, just happy to help or listen, sometimes that makes a world of difference. If you’re struggling with laziness or procrastinating, I love watching Tim Urban’s TEDtalk The Procrastinator’s Mind. Otherwise, please let me know what helps you when you’re feeling lazy and lost.

Catch-Up & Next Steps

A quick look back at the month and forward to next.

Months Memories

  • Had my first Personal Trainer (PT) session, I was nervous but I’m glad to work with a pro.
  • I started (and nearly finished) my wife’s new website shaylara.com, she’s combining her Tutoring and Social Media brands.
  • We’ve had a series of long weekends due to Public Holidays, it’s been great taking time off.
  • I started a course called CS50p (Computer Science 50 Python), it’s free and online provided by Harvard University.
  • Started my very first collaborative programming project, using Discord, GitHub and Replit.
  • Published 3 blog posts: Learning HTTP Requests, Privacy: Why You Should Care About Data, and CS50 Python Problem Set Guide.
  • Published 5 YouTube Videos, find them all under this playlist.

Content I’ve Consumed

Key Point Indicators (KPIs)

Next Month

  • Complete CS50p and share my certificate.
  • Take a break from YouTube.

It’s been a mixed month, I’ve had some time off with my wife, friends and family, it’s been nice. There were some highs and some lows, but overall I’m appreciative of the people in my life. Find your tribe.

Kind regards,