Hello friend,

Annnnnd the aware for the longest break of a weekly newsletter goes too… me.

Yes, it’s been a while, but I hope you’ve been well. Let’s go!

NetworkChuck’s Been On My Website!

NetworkChuck recent [https://youtu.be/gwUz3E9AW0w](you need a website) video has my website in the description! So cool!

Like he says, “Why don’t you have a website? I think EVERYONE needs a website, especially if you are trying to get a job in information technology!!”

I’m a big fan of creating your own corner on the internet, it leads to amazing things, LIKE THIS!

Check out my [https://twitter.com/mrashc0/status/1383156436633407488](tweet with a photo).


In an attempt to learn Cyber Security, I’ve started my hacking journey!

Checkout day dot at https://mrash.co/100daysofhacking/.

Hacking involves learning the in’s and out’s of the computer and then seeing how you can have fun with it! It’s like a game with rules, levels and goals.

Here are the days (so far).

Investing In 2021

So, this is new territory, but I’m researching investing.

I’m currently writing a post about my money, future wealth plans and investment goals. I’d like to invest in the stock market over the next 5 years, woohoo! These topics are not common in my circles, so excited to explore them more.

If you have any resources of assistance, I’d love to hear from you!

As a thank you, I’d like to share a letter to procrastination with you. It’s unpublished and was intended to go live a month or so ago.

Thank you for your support.