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Want to install WordPress locally? Local By Flywheel have got your covered! If you’re having trouble, follow along and install your first WordPress website on Local. Local By Flywheel is fast and functional, it’s the slickest local WordPress development application in the world!

A quick tutorial on creating a WordPress Website with Local by Flywheel.

This is helpful for creating a website locally on your own computer and setting up a website to test out features.

We’re going looking at two areas:
1. Setting up Local by Flywheel
2. Setting up a WordPress website

Setting up Local by Flywheel

First thing you need to install and configure software that will create a virtual environment to run WordPress.

Go to Local By Flywheel to download the install application (choose Mac or Windows depending on your machine)

Local By Flywheel Install & Setup Tutorial

Install Local By Flywheel

Once you download the application to you computer, go ahead and follow the install wizard.

Then you’re good to configure and setup your first WordPress website with local!

Setup WordPress Install on Local

Now you can click new site and give it a name.

After that click advanced settings and make sure you now where you site is being saved.

Then go to the next screen and give your new site a username and password. I recommend making it secure and safe!

That’s pretty much it for configuration, pretty easy!

Check it’s all working!

Once Local has done it’s thing, check everything is working a-okay!

Click ‘view site’ to navigate to the front end of your blank canvas web page.

And then ‘admin’ to go to the CMS’s backend to login, make sure to use the username and password you created before.

Then you’re really done, that’s it for everything!

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