Hello friend,

How has your week been?

It’s a bittersweet week for me and my wife as it’s the last week of holidays before work. Bitter as we’ve loved our time relaxing at home, sweet as we’re looking forward to the routine work brings.

Here’s awesome content that I’ve learnt from this week.

1. Stay Small with Scalable Systems

I’ve wasn’t a big reader growing up but I’ve learnt how valuable it is over the last two years. It’s lead me to reading more books then I’ve ever read in my life, even if it takes me ages.

I’m up to chapter 8 in the Company Of One, which is about simple and repeatable systems to facilitate scale in business.

Here are a few notes:

  • Technology like social media & newsletters create one-to-many relationships. They require same the effort for one email to one person as an email to 50,000 people.
  • Products that take little/no management & charge one-time fee. Creation / connection as a scalable system.
  • Don’t choose profits over people, shift toward slower, smaller, on-demand strategies e.g. slow fashion. Build relationships, trust and revenue giving ‘on-demand” information OR increase customer education/retention.

This chapter has reassured me how smart growth is possible by approaching business systematically. Breaking larger tasks down into steps becomes a more valuable skill as businesses change.

2. Burn Bad Habits and Feed Good Goals

My brother-in-law recommended ‘Burn Fat, Feed Muscle’ by Tom Venuto. I’ve ignored fitness books/content due to insecurities and negative thinking. I’m so thankful I was shown this book, it’s an absolute treasure!

I’ve listened to ‘Chapter 6: Setting Goals and Training Your Mind’ nearly four times! I have a fascination with our mind’s power and those who tap into it. I believe we all have high achieving qualities in us, we simply need to unlock them.

Here are three steps to set goals and unlock your high achievement.

  • Set ideal goals : Your dreams, hopes and the seemingly unrealistic future you, e.g. I want to have a fit, tone body and be proud of what I look like.
  • Write goals as affirmations : Turn them into first person, current realities for your subconscious e.g. I have a fit, tone body and I’m proud of what I look like.
  • Read aloud every day: Each morning and night, say your ideal goal as an affirmation to yourself.

Overtime we build habits from what we tell ourselves, i.e. we follow what we think. It’s time I (we) start thinking toward my ideal future self and achieve what I really want in life.

3. Being Human via Good Tape

If you didn’t know, I unintentionally started a podcast from writing blog posts. I wanted to give readers an option to listen which naturally lead to them being audio episodes.

It’s a goal I’ve always put off but not anymore! As per usual, I deep dive into subjects to understand them. This takes form in finding and consuming a lot of content.

I started at my podcast host who provided two free courses, they were good introductions. That lead to finding Spotify’s resources for podcasters and their Gimlet Academy. That was perfect!

Here’s an over simplifed breakdown of the Gimlet Academy:

  • Pitch: Perfecting the ‘why’ by giving people a reason to care.
  • Booking: Be creative, be human, try try again, strike while the iron is hot.
  • What: Balance stories and emotion.
  • How: Prep docs with story chapters, trust your gut.
  • Wrap: Beginning, middle and end.

I understand the difference between a podcast as an amateur (where I am) and a professional (where I want to be). There’s a big difference.

I’m committed to writing a blog post every two weeks and turning it into a podcast episode. Overtime I’ll bridge the gap between amateur and professional, follow my journey!

Thanks for reading!

🦈 Shark Tank Australia: Deep dive into decoding various pitches to investors. Upcoming blog post.

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