Hi there,

It’s been a minute since I last wrote to you. How have the months of May, June and July been for you?

We finished Semester 1 strong with a class full of happy students! I even got a thank you card and a $100 event cinema gift card from then, wow!

My wife and I went on holiday with family to the Gold Coast. It was a great getaway before lockdown struck.

Let’s look at once been cooking.

1. Personal Finance

My longest blog post is live and is ready for your viewing pleasure.

It’s on finance, a topic that’s never tickled my fancy (if you know what I mean).

But now being in my mid-twenties ‘finical independence’ is filling up my search history.

I blame Scott Pape and his shoe-less attitude toward life. It’s led me toward the FIRE community following the likes of Captain Fi, Mr Money Mustache and more recently Aussie Firebug.

Now I’m switching Super, changing banks and looking into other Financial Independent (FI) options. If you’ve got any advice, reply to let me know.

However, I’m stumbling on to a lot of “snake oil”… where there’s money, there are scams. Crypto, foreign exchange, single shares… opportunity and traps are blurred.

Be careful out there! Never send your hard-earned cash ANYWHERE unless it’s a validated, reliable source.

2. Professional Development

I feel like I have two jobs 1) being a teacher in education, and 2) a network admin in tech.

This creates an ongoing issue.

If I’m a teacher first, how do I improve my tech skillset second?

Enter, Professional Development (PD), you may/may not have this in your workplace depending on your job.

For teachers, it’s massive!

In order to stay current with the tech industry, I go to webinar’s, consume content (YouTube, email, Podcasts), participate in events, take courses and create content.

Some weeks I do a lot of PD, some next to none. For me, it depends on the workload and mental health.

If I’m overworked and stressed, the extra time I have is spent relaxing and enjoying time with my wife.

How much PD should a teacher do to stay current? Reply and let me know.

3. Identity Crisis

Help please, I’m in an identity crisis with mrash.co.

Since learning Cyber Security with #100DaysOfHacking. The blog has over 10 posts about hacking, Linux and Cyber Sec.

But what about web design, WordPress and Elementor?

These topics are what I started as there are ~30 videos on YouTube about them.

Now I don’t do web design and I’m afraid to make videos about anything else as it will conflict.

Will it conflict?

I want to have the ability to make content about a wide range of topics, not just a few.

But I also don’t want to confuse viewers.

Is that possible? Reply and tell me as I don’t know yet.

Either way, here’s a short-list of what I’ve made in the past 2-3 months:

Kind regards,


P.S. I’m moving from weekly to monthly newsletters. This comes from a few areas 1) poor time management, 2) losing interest and confidence, 3) lack of enough effort and 4) slow progress results.

Honestly, I’ve really struggled to keep the weekly routine and even monthly is finding difficult.

I’m very thankful for you as a reader, you trust me with your data and time! Wow! Thank you.

For feedback, reply to this email and let me know your thoughts.