“I’m curious,” has become my favourite phrase to use in conversation. Curiosity is pretty awesome. It draws us to people, places and interesting things. It can influence important decisions and spark lifelong pathways. Let’s dive into curiosity more.

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I’m Curious, Tell Me More

This new found appreciation for curiosity came from Deep Dive. Simon, a Life Coach, broke down and rephrased a pretty difficult question.

He took “what do you want to do with your life?” and instead asked, “What are you curious about, right now?”

Wow, what a simple yet inspiring question!

As he explains, it doesn’t put you in an abstract future. Instead, it grounds you in the very real present.

Me, I’m intensely curious about cybersec, productivity and hacking… wHaT A sHoCk.

But it’s over to you. What are you curious about, right now?

Hey, Let’s Catch-Up

Memories For The Month

  • My wife, cousin & I went to see Hamilton in theatres… a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

  • Started using ChatGPT every other day to generate basic scripts and have someone to talk cybersec & hacking. Jokes, that’s what my wife signed up for.

  • I’ve been doing overtime at work while a team member is away… all that extra mon-aye has gone straight into the replacement clutch for our car. What a life… at least insurance is covering the damage from being rear-ended.

  • Really got into Pour Over Coffee for about 5-7 business days before going back to French Press because I’m lazy. Yet I wrote a web app for it? Why?

  • Participated in two live CTFs & solved zero challenges. I’m just setting the hAcKiNg standard.

  • Uploaded 14 videos on the channel, that’s 3.5/wk on average. I’m really proud of the consistency.

  • Had a nice family reunion with my wife’s fam-bam. Plus, we have friends visiting from the Netherlands at the moment; so nice to see people in the flesh!

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Show The Stats

  • Newsletter friends – 286 +4%
  • YouTube subscribers – 1178 +9%
  • Blog views/visitors – 828 -21%, 579 -22%

Next Month: Participating in PicoCTF while managing my 1-3/wk uploads on the channel.

Keep to your course.

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