Hi friend,

August has been full of reorganising my digital life, ideas and goals. I’ve spent a lot of time writing about my website and where I want to go with everything.

Let’s go over some areas.

Filling Up Buckets

It helps my brain to have broad bucket-like groups I can pool together topics.

Hacking, work-life and web design will be the three focus categories for blog posts. I’ve updated my bioHacking in public @ mrash.co • IT teacher, former web designer, learning #cybersec • Road to #100DaysOfHacking. This better reflects my current learning path.

I’ll be updating my /now page which acts as my website’s landing page, this is the one-stop-shop to everything on my site.

I’ve now got proper lead captures/magnets for future readers focused around each category. 1) Beginner Hacker Learning Path Checklist, and 2) Brainbase FREE Notion Template. I need to make some sort of finance magnet and web design capture, still thinking about this.

Hear Say!

I’ve had nice feedback over August.

First up, a reader from Hacker’s Learning Path said “Hi! loved your write up on how to get into info, cyber security, and the time, cost estimate is awesome!!” And Day Cyberwox, a student and content creator has been incredibly supportive with my Homelab build and wrote “Great work Ash! Glad to see people replicating the labs”

Dennis Devey, a fantastic cyber sec teacher shared my blog post via Twitter and wrote “Really awesome blog on Breaking into Security from one of our students Mr Ashley Ball. Love that they included time required and pricing next to each resource.” He even included my website project in the material to assist other students and wrote “This guy is the real deal! The work he put into his website assignment was top notch and makes me very self conscious about my total lack of design skill”


I open my phone every morning to check page views and user engagement on mrash.co. So, I’m sharing my obsession with progression with you.

The website is averaging 60 views each day and is a mix of blog posts for each category. This is the highest it’s ever been and it’s growing. The highest viewed post is always OneNote to Notion. It’s a search term that gets used a lot. The Newsletter subscriber count is at 41 with a total of 54 contacts in the database. YouTube is at 259 for subscribers, 109 followers on Twitter and I’ve posted

I’ve posted 4 blogs this month, 1) Beginner Hackers Learning Path, 2) Linux Quick Start Guide, 3) CyberWox’s Cyber Sec Homelab On Virtual Box, and 4) 100 Days Of Hacking.

Thanks for reading,