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Guide To SEO • Ultimate Beginners Guide For SEO

Hello there Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), or in other words, changing web pages to satisfy the magical algorithm of Google. Learning SEO is a windy road that takes time, let’s go on this journey together,

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CyberWox’s Cyber Sec Homelab on Virtual Box

Homelabs are fun, challenging, but fun. Building an entire virtual network of interconnected computers to simulate real-world traffic and situations. This is my additional guide to Cyberwox’s Building a Cybersecurity Homelab, but, for those using

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Linux Quick Start Guide

Learning Linux is fun! Beginning Linux is hard. There’s a lot of free courses and content to help you. But what about a quick start guide to Linux? Getting started with Linux made easy? No

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Linux Unhatched Cisco Course Review and Notes

Learning Linux? Well, Linux Unhatched from CISCO Net Academy is a great place to start. Depending on your experience, this short course could take you a few days or over a week. It’s free, well

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Basic Python Project • Is It Raining?

Learning python? It’s an incredible programming language to have in your tool belt. This project is inspired by an early example from Automate The Boring Stuff with Python. 1. Flow Control This python project is

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Mini Linux Lessons

Welcome to my Mini Linux Lessons post! (updated randomly) While learning Linux you’ll learn a lot! So I’m making an unordered list of mini Linux lessons I’ve learnt while following videos, courses or other content.

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Hackers Beginner Guide To Online Anonymity

How do we start using our mad hacker skills in the real world AND remain undetected? We need to set ourselves up to be anonymous! No, we’re not joining a hacktivist group here. Let’s learn

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Beginner Python Project • Guessing Game

Do you want a beginner Python project to keep you on your programming journey? Here’s a breakdown of a simple Guessing Game made in Python. See it live via Replit or view the source code

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Kali Linux WSL WITHOUT Microsoft Store

Before you start, make sure your Windows 10 OS is up to date as version 1903 or higher can run this. To check the version, click Windows Start Button and type System Information, next to

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