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Hashing Passwords • Python Module Basics

Interested in learning about hashing passwords? How do programs hash? What is hashing? Hashing is the foundation of tech like blockchains that make cryptocurrencies possible. See Blockchain 101 – A Visual Demo and Blockchain 101

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Mad Lib Game • Beginner Python Project

Are you learning Python? Need some beginner Python projects? It’s nice to have you here, this is my Mad Lib Game, an easy beginner Python Project for you! Mad Libs are a simple game, it

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Intro To Python • Free Python Starter Guide

Wanting to learn Python? Of course you do! Python is the hacker’s language, it’s more modern than bash and it’s super cool. If you’ve never programmed or wrote a line of code, that’s okay! We

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Vanguard vs Pearler • Best Aussie FIRE Broker

You’re looking to move from Vanguard to Pearler? Great! I just made the move. The Vanguard platform gets the job done, but Pearler has the style with more features and a clearer development roadmap. If

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Guide To SEO • Ultimate Beginners Guide For SEO

Hello there Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), or in other words, changing web pages to satisfy the magical algorithm of Google. Learning SEO is a windy road that takes time, let’s go on this journey together,

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CyberWox’s Cyber Sec Homelab on Virtual Box

Homelabs are fun, challenging, but fun. Building an entire virtual network of interconnected computers to simulate real-world traffic and situations. This is my additional guide to Cyberwox’s Building a Cybersecurity Homelab, but, for those using

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Linux Quick Start Guide

Learning Linux is fun! Beginning Linux is hard. There’s a lot of free courses and content to help you. But what about a quick start guide to Linux? Getting started with Linux made easy? No

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Linux Unhatched Cisco Course Review and Notes

Learning Linux? Well, Linux Unhatched from CISCO Net Academy is a great place to start. Depending on your experience, this short course could take you a few days or over a week. It’s free, well

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