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Python Range Function • Quick Python Project Lesson

So you’re learning Python and want to understand the range function, welcome! The range function paired with a for loop is a great way to repeat code a number of times. Let’s learn the basics

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Homelabs • Beginner’s Guide To Homelabbing

You are probably new to homelabbing and need a bit of guidance. Building a homelab means building a computer network, or lab, at home. Homelabs can be anything from old laptops to expensive high-end enterprise


ZigZag • Beginner Python Project

Let’s learn some Python! Want an easy python program to get started? Here’s zigzag. This program is from Automate The Boring Stuff With Python Chapter 3, under A Short Program: Zigzag. Welcome to my third

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Random Number Generator • Easy Python Project

Want an easy python project to get you started learning python? Here’s a random number generator built-in python! See the project live below or via GitHub. Okay, let’s build your very own number generator python


Bagels • Beginner Python Project

Want a beginner Python Project that’s going to test you? A program longer than 40 lines of code? Look no further, here’s Bagels! This is from The Big Book of Small Python Projects – Chapter

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Username Generator • Beginner Python Program

Usernames, we all have one, maybe for work or on Twitter. How about a python program that automatically generates a username based on your name? Sound cool? Let’s make a simple project to generate usernames.

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Hashing Passwords • Python Module Basics

Interested in learning about hashing passwords? How do programs hash? What is hashing? Hashing is the foundation of tech like blockchains that make cryptocurrencies possible. See Blockchain 101 – A Visual Demo and Blockchain 101

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Mad Lib Game • Beginner Python Project

Are you learning Python? Need some beginner Python projects? It’s nice to have you here, this is my Mad Lib Game, an easy beginner Python Project for you! Mad Libs are a simple game, it

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Intro To Python • Free Python Starter Guide

Wanting to learn Python? Of course you do! Python is the hacker’s language, it’s more modern than bash and it’s super cool. If you’ve never programmed or wrote a line of code, that’s okay! We

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