Linux Fundamentals 3 • TryHackMe Walkthrough

Welcome to Linux Fundamentals 3 TryHackMe Walkthrough, the finale of the Linux Fundamental rooms on TryHackMe. Let’s learn some Linux skills and common utilities around automation, package management, and service/application logging. Are you keen? Yeah!


Linux Fundamentals 2 • TryHackMe Walkthrough

So you’re learning Linux aye? Welcome aboard! Here’s the Linux Fundamentals 2 Walkthrough from TryHackMe. Let’s take a look at some of the fundamentals of Linux including some more commands, ssh, bash scripting and more.


Linux Fundamentals 1 • TryHackMe Walkthrough

Learning Linux? Great, me too! Here’s the Linux Fundamentals 1 Walkthrough from TryHackMe. Let’s take a look at some of the fundamentals of Linux including common commands, the terminal, your prompt and more. There’s lots


CompTIA A+ Study Notes (220-1101)

Installing Hardware & Display Components Hardware and Device Replacement RAM: system memory or desk of PC, fast access, low amount = lower access speeds, volatile. Storage: file cabinet of PC, slower access, static (non-volatile). Check

woman browsing on her laptop
Web Design

What Makes a Good Website, Great! 5 ways

Good web design follows a simple system. It produces a website which balances feeling and function. It looks great for your brand and your customer can get what they want from it. After five years

long exposure photography of road and cars

Optimize WordPress Speed • How To Load WordPress Fast

Are you obsessed with website speeds? Designing a beautiful WordPress website is one thing, but to make it load fast, that’s another. After years of building client sites and perfecting the speed formula, I’m finally


How To Build A PC 2022

Are you new to PC building? Maybe a friend’s put together their computer and you want to learn more. Whatever your reason, building your own PC is a lot of fun! So, let’s learn how

person using macbook pro on brown wooden table during daytime
Web Design

How To Be A Freelance Web Designer

There’s a lot of pathways to get into freelancing, as a freelance web designer it’s difficult to decide where to even start. The last five years have been a real learning journey for me and


2021 Review • 2022 Plan

Here we are again, another year come and gone. Let’s look back at the lessons learned and mistakes made. All up, it’s been a big year, we’ve all been redefining ‘normal’ post-2020. There’s been more

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