Day 24 Advent of Cyber 2022

Hi friends! Welcome back to the channel. I’m Ash 27, a cybersecurity enthusiast and I’m thrilled to be sharing my thoughts and experience with you on the 24th day of the Advent of Cyber challenge.


Defence in Depth: The Modern Approach to Cybersecurity

Welcome to another post from the blog, where we dive into all things cybersecurity and help each other on our journey to becoming cybersecurity professionals. Today, we’ll be discussing Defence in Depth, a crucial aspect


Attack Surface Reduction • TryHackMe

Welcome back to my blog, friends! My name is Ash and I’m a 27-year-old cybersecurity enthusiast. On this blog, we explore various topics related to hacking, capture the flag events, and the journey to becoming


Crack The Hash TryHackMe Walkthrough

Let’s tackle Crack The Hash, another TryHackMe room full of hash-cracking challenges. If you’d like a video walkthrough, then see the linked video below for a full guide to Crack The Hash. Quickly, what is

person using black laptop computer

100 Days Of Hacking

Programming, terminals, networking, and penetration testing. There’s a lot to love in computer hacking. Are you learning to hack? Maybe you’ve started but can’t keep motivated or you might not know where to start, let’s


OverTheWire: Bandit

Bandit is a beginner Capture The Flag (CTF) game from OverTheWire (OTW). Whether you’re familiar with text-based games or have never even thought of playing them (me). This is the perfect CTF for learning Linux.


Bandit Level 10 – 14

Over The Wire’s Bandit is a Linux Capture The Flag that tests your hacking skills. In this video, we walk through Bandit levels 10 to 14. These are some of the more difficult levels, but

Replit EdFest 2022 Jam – Intro To PyScript

ATTENTION! If you’d like to do the course yourself, join up using this link for FREE. And don’t forget to watch the video walkthrough. Instructions – Intro To PyScript Welcome to your Intro to PyScript,

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