CS50 Python Problem Set Guide

Hello, world and welcome, this is a breakdown, or guide, to the problem sets (psets) to CS50’s Introduction to Programming with Python (CS50P). If you’re unaware, CS50 Python comes from Havard which operates edx CS50. It’s


Privacy: Why You Should Care About Data

In March 2022, some friends of mine got scammed on Instagram. A scammer posing as a friend or work colleague tricked them into “helping” them out and took over their account. It’s motivated me to


Learning HTTP Requests – A Mini HTTP Exercise

While learning HTTP in Detail, I thought it’d be fun to put it to the test in the terminal. Here’s a quick exercise to practice learning HTTP Requests, Responses and Headers. Difficulty: Easy – new to


TryHackMe Network Services 1 Part 3 FTP

Let’s go, TryHackMe Network Services Walkthrough Part 3, welcome! Step 1 learn, step 2 enumerate, and step 3 exploit… but what? Well, a variety of network services and misconfigurations of course, this time it’s FTP.


TryHackMe Network Services 1 Part 2 Telnet

Welcome to TryHackMe Network Services Walkthrough Part 2, oh yeah! Let’s learn, then enumerate and exploit a variety of network services and misconfigurations, second up is telnet. Watch this Network Services Walkthrough for TryHackMe’s room,

person using black laptop computer

100 Days Of Hacking

Programming, terminals, networking, and penetration testing. There’s a lot to love in computer hacking. Are you learning to hack? Maybe you’ve started but can’t keep motivated or you might not know where to start, let’s

man in blue jacket and blue denim jeans walking on sidewalk during daytime

Hackers Learning Path

Want to hack computers? But what is hacking and how do people learn it? Here’s a vetted list of resources to learn computer hacking. Starting out is hard work, so that’s why I’ve put this

Web Hosting

Updating Domains with Cloudways • 301 Redirects

So you’re updating domains, but what about your search rankings? I just did this myself and it wasn’t as hard as I expected. Disclaimer, if you need help, read .htaccess file and SSH setup. 1.


Cowsays What CTF • A Beginner Linux Project

Want a beginner Linux CTF (Capture The Flag)? Moove over, here’s Cowsays What CTF. A simple question-based python program to test your beginner Linux level skills. This simple CTF will use Linux commands to install


TryHackMe Network Services Room Notes

Are you going through TryHackMe’s Network Services 1 Room? Need help taking notes? I got you covered. Here are my Network Services 1 room notes from TryHackMe, use them as much as you need! Disclaimer,

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