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Get the best settings for WordPress in 2020. Use on all your WordPress websites no matter what you’re building! Settings are super important, they improve SEO, site speed and overall usability in WordPress. Make sure to follow along and setup your site with these settings!

Settings in WordPress

If you need help setting up a local installation of WordPress, use Local By Flywheel and follow my tutorial here, thanks!

Once you’re in your WordPress dashboard, go to your settings on the left menu bar right down the bottom.

Then we’ll be going from top to bottom in our settings and discuss each one at a time so take notes and get clicking!

General Settings

Give your site a good Site Title that represents your business or project then make sure you follow that up with a good tagline!

Make sure your URL are both set to the domain URL you’ll be using… if it’s just a local development website leave this as is for now.

Other settings like Time & Date format just change to your preference, the other settings just gloss over for now.

Writing and Reading

Writing you can skip for now, just take a quick look while you’re there.

Reading is important, setup your homepage and blog page.

Discussion and Media

Just gloss over these and know they exsist for now.

Watch the video tutorial for more info on these.

Best Permalink Settings for WordPress

Permalink settings in WordPress are very important, mainly in regards to Search Engine Optimisation i.e. Google!

Set your Permalink setting to Post Type which changes the output of your URL when loading the website.

Search Engines like seeing relevant keywords at all times, even in the URL at the top of a browser!

Privacy Policy Page

You don’t need to worry about this until your site is live!

Luckily WordPress 5 has got you covered with an included Privacy Policy Page.

Every website needs to include Terms & Conditions and/or Privacy Policies. Wondering what to include? That depends on your industry and services. You should do some further research on this to make sure you cover yourself! It’s really IMPORTANT!

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