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My week has been good. More time on holidays creating content and relaxing with friends. I’ve still got two weeks left before going back to work, how cool is that?

This covers LinkedIn’s importance, annual reviews and advice from a life coach. Reply to give me your feedback on these topics.

1. Importance of LinkedIn

If you’re not on LinkedIn, it’s worth signing up and engaging. Growing a network is one of the best moves you can make. Julian Shapiro’s company wrote an incredible article detailing their strategy for LinkedIn.

“…the strategy is to warm up leads, get their trust, incept them with the need for your product, then take things to a deeper conversation.” – Demand Curve

LinkedIn Organic Marketing Playbook outline:

  • Create a Steady Flow of Leads
  • Post content that people engage with
  • Getting email addresses
  • Optimizing your profile for follows

“The backbone of this approach is getting your audience to engage your LinkedIn posts.”

2. Annual Review

I’ve seen annual reviews before, but never taken in interest in them. Until now!

Why an Annual Plan? 1) focus and 2) know what you want. What is an Annual Plan? 1) vision statement 2) key results i.e. how do I know when I got there? and 3) areas of focus.

Remember, “it’s okay to change over time.” – Jack Conte. Keep reading for a link to my 2020 year review.

3. Life Coach Advice

I finally got around to finishing this Deep Dive with Khe Hy from Rad Reads. I took away a lot of great lessons like do things that don’t scale and tools are traps. I loved his effortlessness, he’s a big believer in following the fun. I took that on board.

He covers a lot of topics:

  • Charging for Courses
  • Lessons from Marriage Coaching
  • Process vs Outcome
  • Signs of Misalignment
  • Self-Worth and Validation
  • Personal CRMs + Tools
  • Finding Life Purpose
  • the Role of a Coach

“When you have fun working on something 8, 10, 12 hours per day, the output is going to be awesome. But you shouldn’t be motivated by the outcome, you should be motivated by the process which should be FUN.” – Khe Hy

Thank You For Reading


I unintentionally started a Podcast. I wanted to read my blog posts and put the audio recording on my website. For a bit of fun and in case someone wanted to listen. But once I read it out and showed friends/family, the feedback was clear. It was boring! So I made it more conversational, more podcast like. Then I had to figure out the best way to host audio files. I purchased a lifetime deal to Podcast.co which was the easiest, fastest way of doing it. So, I have a podcast.

Here’s my Annual Review of 2020. “Looking forward is hard. The future is a fantasy. No one knows what’s happening tomorrow. But looking back is tangible. I like tangible. So here’s my look back at the past 12 months. Ups, downs and the honesty in-between.”