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Hello, friend, the latest Elementor webinar is available! Hooray!

Ben Pines invited Talia Wolf to talk about Boosting Conversions with Emotions.

It’s full of actionable knowledge bombs! And this is the quick & easy way to catch up to read the highlights.

1. Meet Talia Wolf

First of all, introductions out of the way, who is Talia Wolf? She’s a passionate conversion optimisation specialist. Her brand Getuplift.co offers an impressive work history from the likes of Rand Fishkin, Joanna Wiebe & Oli Gardner all providing outstanding testimonials.

She’s recently been voted one of the most influential voices in conversion optimization and have been invited to teach and coach conversion optimization on stages such as: Google, Unbounce, MozCon, Opticon and more.

You can find a full list of interviews, podcasts and webinars she’s given over on her about page. Not only that, but she has a free workshop I’m yet to try out! And don’t forget her blog with some great looking articles!

Now, onward to the webinar goodness!!

2. Convert, Optimise, Repeat

Now let’s address the basics here so we know what we’re talking about.

What’s a conversion?

Conversion is the act of a prospect (potential buyer) ‘converts’ and buys a product, an example of conversion is when you click a ‘buy now button’ on a website.

What’s conversion rate?

Conversion rate is the ratio/percentage for the number of visitors compared to buyers. A high conversion rate is the goal.

What’s version optimisation?

Version optimisation is a technique used to test different elements of effectiveness. An example of this is trying various colours, tag lines, or design layouts on a home page of a website, seeing what combination of changes increases the conversion rate.

So, Talia uses version optimisation to increase conversion for her clients which results in higher conversion rates and equals dollar bills for everyone.

Talia, however, takes it a step further and says conversion is understanding how people make decisions, how to influence them and reach your goals”.

She breaks this definition down into greater detail, but note at almost all steps it’s simply about emotion.

Without emotion, there are no decisions

Personal note, I love how she uses psychology throughout the webinar as a basis for a lot of her frameworks and ideologies.

3. Ask Focus Questions

Okay, so the simple process she explains is that emotions = decisions = conversions = revenue.

She has four focus questions and three actions to draw out the true intent of customers, she calls this her Emotional Targeting Methodology.

  1. What pain does my customer feel before searching for me?
  2. What are the emotional triggers to drive their decision making?
  3. What are there hesitations or concerns?
  4. How do they want to feel after finding their solution?

What great questions to pull out intent, however, she explains most answers are service level and focused on pricing. She later explains how to dig below those service answers and get to true intent.

Keep asking why until there’s no why’s left

Sometimes it takes five or more why’s until we get to someone’s true desire, their actual emotion behind what made their decision.

4. Follow Focus Methods

The three methods of Emotional Targeting Methodology are simple.

  1. Start with customers
  2. Add emotion to copy
  3. Add emotion to design

What does ‘start with customers’ mean?

Research, research, research! Gathering information from various sources, sending surveys, conducting interviews, and doing competitor analyses. Personally, not how I enjoy my time.

Some deep dive questions she recommends to tap into emotion are:

What was going on in your life when you searched for a solution? When you weren’t using this solution, how did you solve it? If you no longer could use the solution, what would you miss most? What’s the #1 thing you’d mention to a friend if you wanted to convince them to give (you/me) a try?

Remember, it’s not about the product, it’s about the emotions.

What does ‘add emotion to copy’ mean?

Copy is written text on websites, adding emotion to copy involves using trigger words and phrases to tap into the desires of potential customers.

An example of this she illustrates is “#1 dog walker around” vs “don’t worry about your pup while you’re at work”. The emotion of stress and fear are engaged with the more emotionally driven copy.

She uses an emotional copy formula to assist increasing the emotion used.

Feature + desired outcome = emotional copy

Take away points:

  • Value over benefits
  • Tell customer stories
  • Customers are hero’s of journey

What does ‘add emotion to design’ mean?

Design in this regard is web design, web design makes up all interactive elements on a web page from the layout of images to the colours of buttons. Adding emotion to design involves using engaging imagery that stirs emotion and using colours to support that emotion.

Her recommendations here are a bit more generic, but still insightful. They are as follows:

  • Reduce visual elements
  • High contrast between text and image
  • Images – max two colours within
  • Increase white space
  • Ask one action of customers

Images should support copy

Lastly, she adds a pre-flight checklist in the form of three simple questions.

  1. Are you making it about yourself, or visitor?
  2. Can you see emotional pain points for customers?
  3. Stop asking what’s your goal, and what’s your customers’ goal?

What a Webinar!

If you get time, it’s worth the full watch.

Talia’s approach is great, the area which lacked most was the emotional design section. This felt more generic information than emotion-driven data.

For more, check out Elementor’s webinar page on their website.

Thanks for reading!

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